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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  November 26, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> where were police when this was happening? >> we'll have team coverage tonight, picked up merchants on the police response and protestors that tried to stop the looting. >> a former bay area woman comes forward with allegations against bill cosby. >> and what is to blame for the bay area smog? >> you can see dozens of extra officers, have been mobilized in case they're needed for a new
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demonstration, tonight. good evening. for two nights, oakland has been the scene of some of the most-disruptive demonstrations in the country. vandals have had their way with a number of downtown businesses here, you can see them breaking into a paint store this, over the decision by a grand jury not to indict a police officer. why haven't police been able to stop this from happening? vic, police are changing their tactics tonight. >> you're right. they are. and i just spoke with the chief here a little while ago he had been busy planning for whatever happens tonight. he said last night, the number of demonstrators was smaller than monday night's but they were the so called professionals intent on causing damage, and
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committing crimes. not there to exercise the first amendment rights. >> i saw a guy with a sledge hammer smashing windows. >> this and he says place were present but seemed to do little else. >> maybe a different tactic. >> do you think it's working? >> no. not really. >> last night a bystander hit in the head with a projectile. listen to the audio. >> i have a man down the street. 46 years old. i need a patrol unit here as well. >> you're not going to stay and tell at this time. >> dispatch, however, did send
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an ambulance. last night fires were lit on streets, attacking police with bottles, rocks and shut down two freeways. police say they arrested 92 people. helping them were sheriff deputies the police chief agreed to talk about the strategy in general z he says you have to have a plan and man power. you also have to separate crowd control, crowd management, from crime control. >> two different contingents of officers, one establishing scrimmage lines and deployment units to arrest those committing crimes. >> you want to do it firm, and fast. you know?
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you want to go in and grab criminals. get them out of there. >> chp told us they provided teams to do exactly that. we saw a few of them today they've been out here two nights. at least one car was vandalized. the teams were called in to take back the freeways. >> biggest thing about the teams is they can move in a situation and change. >> the oakland police chief says in demonstrations, he'll have more police on the streets. >> key thing is that we like to do it to protect citizens of oakland. >> police say they're ready tonight if there are more protests. >> business owners will be grateful this thanksgiving for
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calmer, less destructive night hoping that vandals will stay home for the holidays. laura anthony is live now in oakland. laura? >> business leaders here, the association sent a scathing letter to police and city leaders about what they saw as complete inaction by the police department when things turned ugly last night we talked with a demonstrator in the crowd. he told us he tried to stop vandalism but was then, attacked. >> i started out just moment tear ily. he is an organizer with a group but says it went too far. walker was among a group of demonstrators on telegraph avenue. at one point he said he was jumped by several men when trying to stop vandals from
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spray painting a local mace sonic temple. >> you're hitting local business people we've known for years, we grew up with these folks and you're attacking their business? there is no respect behind that. >> the association believes this went too far. the group sent a scathing letter to police, quote, the oakland police department's failure and our elected officials to distinguish protective protests is unacceptable. >> whatever the issue is that this doesn't help. >> a landlord spent his morning painting over graffiti. iet probably does not further the goal these people have found i don't know what is the alternative? maybe cops could have brought out old cars and left them destroyed. >> the message behind the two
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nights have been largely obscured by vandalism. >> we tear up businesses, businesses are left out of oakland and they cause things we're trying to fight against. >> many of those here told us they're confused by actions of both protestors and police. >> a woman who worked in a restaurant back in 70s is the latest to come forward accusing bill cosby of drugging and raping her. carolyn tyler joins with us more. >> now, 73 years old, she says she's breaking her silence to support accusers she feels are being unfairly maligned . >> i support the women
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i was one of them. >> they was a 31-year-old single mom. she says he had a comedy gig in san carlos and asked her to go. that is when her story mirrors the accounts of other accusers. >> i didn't feel right. i felt bad. i asked can i have an aspirin? i'm in the limousine with his hands on me i wake up in my own bed the next morning. my clothes are off except for under wear, i know i've been sexual assaulted. >> last night i saw him >> she says she was ashamed to come forward, she did in 2005.
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as one of the 12 jane does willing to testify in a civil lawsuit filed by another woman. that was settled out of court. >> this month, associated press asked for a response to the growing chorus of rape accusations. >> no. no. >> the attorney says claims, quote escalated past the point of absurdity. dona started speaking out on her face book page. >> there is nothing i want to see done other than he be discredited. that is what i want. that is all. >> she is hoping men will come forward. she believes there are others who worked for cosby who can
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talk. that might change the narrative of the controversy. >> carolyn, thank you. >> a lot of your friends and neighbors have hit the road. >> a lot of them are going by car. >> let's take a look at interstate 80. it's been like this since 4:00. slow going on the right hand side. that is your 80 eastbound traffic. >> skyway, western approach to the bay bridge busy this time of theite. headlights are coming at you trying to get onto the bay bridge. taillights are slow in both directions. >> firefighters on the right side there are heading south through san rafael. then, into san francisco. heavier 101 north.
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>> and take a look now at san jose area. highway 101 crosses paths with interstate 880. it's sticky there as well. you'd expect that on the day before thanksgiving. a lot of people trying to get from here to there. home for the holiday. >> still ahead tonight here on abc7 news a train derailment. what might have happened if the cargo hadn't been corn. >> weather remains mild, dry throughout thanksgiving but turning towards a winter like pattern the accu-weather forecast is coming up in just a moment. >> north bay restaurant where a holiday dinner is
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bay area smog levels were higher than they've been in about four years. now, we're facing a third winter spare the air day, meaning no wood burning fires on thanksgiving day. officials say this may be a sign of something bigger. >> she waits there this morning. >> i become short of breath.
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and i really felt the difference in the air. >> irene suffers from emphysema. >> smog irritates lungs, eyes and nasal passages. >> mark ross says smog has two ingredients, compounds from industry and nitrogen oxide. >> it's unhealthy. we ask people to drive less. >> the air district would love it if hardly anyone drove, but just ask drivers out here, filling up and see why that is not the case. >> spare the air? i don't know anything about spare the air days. >> when is the last time you heard there is a spare the air day? >> for those that can get out of the cars, air district says it's becoming more notable
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>> the same scientists predicted this. >> looking like models are predicting 10, 20 years. now, we're experiencing it firsthand. it could be for the next bay area. >> irene says do it for her. >> i'm a lung cancer survivor. this is pro longing my life. a restaurant is giving thanks to customers tonight, offering a free meal owe anyone coming by on this might before thanksgiving. >> in san rafael it's a year long wait. >> you'll be thankful when you come out. >> these are only a few of a thousand people eating for free
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tonight at two branchs in marin county. and this is thanks to paul and his staff they don't take money. if someone insists on paying it goes to the food bank. >> it's a lot of feeling good because you're giving back. >> he was a kid with a big dream and stronger will. >> we're fortunate we're part of the community. >> it's been a success. the lunch buffets are inexpensive in these parts. tonight's will be larger and
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cuts no corners. >> this is the best indian cuisine. and it's free. >> there is no such holiday as thanksgiving in india. >> everyone in that restaurant gets a white napkin. especially the homeless. >> wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> join the thanksgiving food drive. just make an instant $ten contribution to bay area food
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banks. >> forgeus weather. >> yes, >> good timing. >> yes. >> keep roadways dry. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. this is a pattern we've had throughout the late afternoon, into the evening. by afternoon, looking at some of the high temperatures. you can see warmer weather down south. here is a time lapse view. we'll continue tomorrow with no wood burn burning aloued under the law.
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64 in half moon bay. here is a nice looking west across the bay. one more view looking at part of the financial district of downtown san francisco. sunny, wild, rain friday night. that wet pattern will be established friday night continues several days into next week. high pressure holding on one more day bringing us mild, dry weather tomorrow. then, we get this series of storms coming in that will bring us periods of rain or showers. friday morning at 9:00 it will be cloudy. later in the day, around 5:00 p.m some rain developing in the
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north bay first. friday night, spreading across the bay area overnight into middle of the night. 3:00 a.m saturday. then, mid morning saturday, we'll see some breaks in this rainy pattern but will be wet and more concentrated rainfall. heavier rainfalls on sunday, monday, into tuesday, maybe lingering into wednesday. so projecting ahead to wednesday, next wednesday. we can see 3 to 5 inches of rainfall over several days. especially in the wetter spots of the north bay. across the bay area tonight, look for partly cloudy skies low temperatures early morning hours. mid to upper 40. tomorrow, sunny skies. a mild thanksgiving day. high temperatures from mid-60s to low 70s inland and around the bay. oh, niners game. great weather had been mild and
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all the rain they had after thanksgiving day. will be much needed rain, but drive carefully. >> thank you. >> coming up next,
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a san francisco restaurant is combining thanksgiving and christmas in the best way. lefty o'doule's usually collects toys but this year, collecting toys for glide memorial. >> the program ends on the 20th. we do a regular toy drive on the 24th. our big one. now we're trying to get a jump start on it. >> also collecting toys for students at city academy the restaurant donated a thousand pounds of turkey to city impact for residents. >> you have seen ginger bread houses but have you seen a tree
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made of sugar? the tree stands 12 feet tall made of hundreds of pounds of sugar. more than a thousand candies shaped as snow men and elves. >> the pastry stop has been working on this tree. there are french ornaments only he can come up with. >> they're all edible but they're offering guests free cookies and hot chocolate to visitors. variation on a theme. >> yes. >> there is more still to come here tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. video that shows a 12-year-old boy with a gun. what police didn't know when confronting him >> the national guard is on
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guard for another night of demonstrations. demonstrations. >> a new
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update on a controversial police shooting not in ferguson missouri but cleveland ohio. police released this video. you can see a 12-year-old in a neighborhood park pointing what appeared to be a gun to people passing by. turns out it it was a toy gun but police didn't know. that officers told the boy three times show his hands and when he reached for his waist band instead they fired the chief said the video was released at the request of his family. >> police officers and national guard troops are on the scene again tonight in ferguson, missouri prepared for whatever might happen tonight. soldiers are positioned at every few store fronts and roof tops.
7:31 pm
on the decision not to indict officer darren wilson. 45 people were arrested overnight including seven on felony charges 13 others arrested in st. louis. brown's family is asking for peace and his mother spoke about moments after she heard the decision. >> just like a, i had been shot. like you shoot me now. no respect, no sympathy, nothing. >> the family is outraged that brown's conscious is clear. they asked how could that be >> like many parents of the country demonstrators continue to make their voices heard. in l.a. protestors have been peacefully in front of a court house. they're, we believe heading to
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the los angeles police department headquarters. >> violent acts sent two people to the hospital. it happened just after 2:30 today. witnesses say the driver was going fast. police say the ped den streen has life threatening injuries. >> tonight fit bit released a new tracker and is later recalled. >> michael? >> can the cause of a rash be a trade secret? it's one question brought up in the investigation. another question is the new tracker safer?
7:33 pm
why are we still seeing rashes? it's been eight months since the fit bit was pulled from store shelves, causing some to break out in these blistering rashes. 7 on your side was first to investigate the problem. now, the company released what it says is a safer product. and are incorporating these into future products to ensure that the community can continue to enjoy our trackers. >> so i went ahead and ordered it. cory loved his fit bit but suffered a serious rash. now, among the first to dry the new fit bit charge. >> i thought okay. they must have put it on and headed out for the day. he felt a tingling sensation. >> i thought you know maybe it's just in my head you know?
7:34 pm
can't be happening again. iet was not in his head, but on his wrist. this lump under the charge. he posted this photo on twitter. he's not alone. since posted we have found seven more complaints saying it was causing the same problems as old ones. this user says his skin broke out ten hours after using the fit bit charge. >> i think they need to pull it back off until they can prove it. >> an adhesive compound can no longer contact the skin. why are charges still reporting rashes? through a spokesperson, he said,
7:35 pm
we have been in contact with charge users who have reported redness after wearing a product. if any users are experiencing these symptoms we encourage them to remove the device. the company says rashes are different than ones caused by the force. and could just be an irritation caused by sweat or soap. i first reported about the outbreaks back in february. >> users wondering what caused it? >> i wasn't sure why i was getting a rash. >> the company never released findings. so, 7 on your side filed a freedom of information request seeking the cause of the rash. >> we received 802 pages. they tell us almost nothing.
7:36 pm
hundreds of pages are blacked out the government telling me fit bit has a right to keep me from seeing anything it considers a secret. >> the ceo responds, we want to maintain confidentiality and cannot share he specifics of our investigation we can ensure that we relied on analysis and opinions from consulting firms as well as experts in their respective fields. fit bit tells customers they should consult a doctor the consumer products safety commission says it admitted some documents from that huge
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release. are you getting what you paid for for your broad band or wireless provider? how often is it done? and why? >> what might have happened if the cargo had not been corn. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] follow your joy to a celebration like no other. start your new orleans holiday at police are searching for thieves who drove into a high end store. workers were busy patching up damage at the chanel store near union square. right now, police have little information on who may have done this. >> he or she, we don't know the race or gender of the suspect. only that the suspect has a face mask covering his identity. >> the thieves drove away in a white vehicle.
7:41 pm
>> rail traffic resumed following a dramatic accident. the trailer was hauling corn when 11 cars derailed a reporter george warren said a different commodity might have polluted one of the state's reservoirs. >> if you listen, you can hear grain being vacuumed. it's one of a dozen cars that rest the tracks most tumbling down the canyon. one of them dumping cargo into the river. the cars were hauling corn from nebraska, nothing but corn. the question is what if it had been something else? with domestic oil production on the rise, including from the formation, more crude is coming into california by rail. this river feeds lake oroville.
7:42 pm
and our worry is that if we have a crew trained with this crude oil derail like we saw with this brain train, we'd have a significant catastrophe there. that oil would contaminate that water source. >> you can say it's just lucky it was not toxic. we don't know what caused this derailment. >> our our investigation will tell us. there is a variety of factor that's could have been the cause. >> union pacific says kit not refuse to haul any legal cargo. what it can do is figure out a way to keep this from happening again. >> we come here on sundays. cut wood, or axes >> doesn't want to chop wood.
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>> these are not
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when you envision a lumber jack you probably think of a big grisly man packing away in the forest. the face of the modern lumber jack is changing. and nowhere is that more apparent than here in the bay area. this is what professional logging looks like. and this is the competitive version on espn. logging sport. that is right i said logging sport is gaining popularity across the country. there is a team at uc berkeley. >> we come here on sundays and blow off steam. cut wood or saws over there. >> this is a water sport. so like water where you run on
7:47 pm
the log. it's fun and doesn't want to chop wood? >> most of the team's members are women something that set cal team apart. i know again, ten women, one guy. >> it's not a bad thing. >> he says the logging club has been around since the department itself. there are demographics of the majors two thirds are females. opposite of the programs. >> today, it's an interesting group. so there are people that have
7:48 pm
neither of those. >> the team competes around the west. snapped these photos wher a number of women led events. regardless of who is swinging this axe it's about more than just money. >> you have to get out your aggression in a fun way. >> we live in the city. this is a great way to get the country wild. >> abc7 news. >> how fascinating. >> i have work in the yard. >> yes. >> all right. another check on the forecast tonight. >> yes. spencer christian with a glorious thanksgiving day. >> going to be lovely we're going to take a look at the big winter storm all day. it's moving snowfall in the
7:49 pm
northeast. rain along coastal areas but notice in washington, d.c. it's winding down now in new york. and moving out to sea. back in the bay area, high clouds in the bay area sky. it's going to be nice, sunny and mild. exception of a northwestern corner of the state. eureka will get rainfall. the rest of us will be dry. so lovely thanksgiving day. high temperatures from mid-60s at the coast to upper 60s to 70s on the bay. rain arrives friday night. then we'll have a rainy pattern with much-needed rainfall. >> thank you. >> we've got a good game to watch there. >> they have beaten the seahawks and met in the bay area.
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and met in the bay area. will richard sherman
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into the best rivalry in the nfl. 49ers hosting seahawks on tlafg night. the winner is in good shape to make the playoffs the teams met in a game won by seattle. collin kaepernick, please don't throw it near sherman. >> it's moat ti vacation. there are all types of games against playoff opponents every week, that is how we've been approaching it each week. >> seattle experiencing a little bit of a super bowl hangover. they're ranked first overall in
7:54 pm
rushing and 30th in passing. >> it's just the type of players you have on offense, on defense. and and how well we're coached you know? niners are one-point favorites. >> limited today, he may have to pass more tests before being cleared to play and raiders next game, murray exploded on thursday night with two touchdowns including this 90 yarder. question fans are asking why hasn't murray been playing since week one? >> to be able to get the ball in my hand so as long as i'm ready to go and i need to continue to get better on the field. and i still have room for
7:55 pm
improvement. >> coming off the would be named afc defensive player of the week. nine tackles, one sack, one pass broken up. and first player with 50 interceptions and 0 sacks in a career. looks like a happy thanksgiving. they're just rolling through the east. a winning streak continues now. warriors out, and with a save, harrison barns will finish with a lay up. second quarter, steph just loses a set back. clay thompson where is the defense? my goodness. warriors up 17.
7:56 pm
seven guys in double figures. warriors win their 7th in a row. they're 12, 2, best start in franchise history. >> we do have an obligation. >> oh, my. that had to hurt. kansas city music director paying off a debt with michael thomas had to wear a hunter pens jersey. giants beat the royals in seven games in last month's world series. sounds better in a pens jersey. doesn't it? >> yes. >> thank you very much. >> join us tonight at 9:00. harvesting fog from the driest place on earth. >> then at 11:00 is your broad
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band being bogged down? maybe your provider is doing that on purpose? michael finney investigates internet throttling. >> and a peanuts special, then stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> tonight, thoughts about what matters, tomorrow is my favorite holiday of the year. it's uniquely american, a day to enjoy good food, company, and importantly the reason for the holiday itself. to give thanks. that can get lost in the rush to buy a turkey, travel, start thinking about christmas and shopping. there is so much to be thankful for. we live in a place that is beautiful, creates opportunity, and cherishes diversity. a country allows us to do so. with bad things it can be easy
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to overlook the good. to for get what we take for granted health, family, friends, a job we don't always have all of those things in our lives, not certainly at the same time, but there are blessings to count. have a wonderful day tomorrow, happy thanksgiving. let me hear from you. >> and that will do it. our coverage of breaking news continues now on twitter. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00. have a great evening. ç3ç3ççç fefele annncer: through thanksgiving weekend
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